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How to Make Coffee for Large Groups?

Your adorable guests are full now after the healthy and tasty dinner you made for them. You feel consent by looking at their pleased faces, please and at the same time sleepy as after the meal blood circulation focuses more on the stomach and is not active in the brain part. In order to avoid this sleepy situation, it is high time you made aromatic coffee for your guests to get them back to participate actively in the conversation as they did before. Making coffee seems to be quite an easy task especially if you work yourself and are used to making a cup of fresh aromatic coffee for yourself in the office every morning. My mornings are always like that and I cannot wake up unless I have a cup of proper coffee in my office. Only after this I start to distinguish between things and start to notice the colors around me. Here we face another trouble as making coffee for one person is one thing and for a bigger group is another thing. You need to know every detail of it to make sure you do everything in the easy way and not make extra effort and waste time in doing things in complicated way.

We all know that coffee which has been placed for an hour on the warmer of the coffee machine cannot taste proper and this fact indicates that making coffee with the machine is not the best option in this case. Our aim of making coffee for a large group is not just to put a tick that you made coffee for our guests and that’s it. Our wish is to have a reputation of a good host or hostess and in this case we cannot serve the guests a cup of black substance calling it coffee.

Essential thing! Buy high quality beans.

It might be a little expensive as you serve a crowd and not only one person. Follow the general rules to make a proper cup of coffee and you will see satisfaction on your guests’ faces.

You need to choose a coffee making method that works for a group.

When you are alone it takes you three minutes to make wonderful espresso for yourself in the morning to make you wake up from your night’s sleep. In case of a larger crowd you probably need a different option that is testes and works well in this case. If you are note a well-trained barista, then you need to plan ahead everything to avoid embarrassing situations in front of your guests.

Let’s take a large French press coffee as an excellent example of the coffee option for crowd.

If you are not very lazy and you are ok with making some effort to make coffee, then Chemex is another great option you can take and you can make coffee in front of your guests.

You also need to keep the coffee warm and in reserve.

In case of many guests you might have to run back and forth between the kitchen and the table and this is why you should use a thermos in which you can brew the coffee and store it safely. One trick to be used, if you rinse the coffee mugs with hot water before serving, this trick will help the coffee stay warmer for a longer time.

Cream? Sugar? Make sure you have these options at hand.

Tastes differ that’s why it is always good to have some sugar, cream and even a non-dairy creamer option at hand. And alternatively, you can make iced coffee too.

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