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How to Cook Healthy Meals for a Large Family

There is a strong tendency among people to think that men are considered to be the head of the family, while women are the neck of the family who decide in which direction the head has to twist. We take great responsibility and burden on our weak shoulders and handle multiple home related tasks on a daily basis. Among them are cooking, a real torture to many women in fact. I have done a survey among my own colleagues who are mostly women and it turned out that 5 people out of 7 hate cooking and would give everything to avoid cooking for their families. And they mostly eat out, spend huge amount of money on a rubbish food that you can see on every corner of the street.

They are ready to throw away bags of sums only to avoid spending twenty minutes in the kitchen and cooking with love for their sweet families. Doesn’t this bring pleasure to every woman on earth? Cooking and feeding your family as a result of which you will feel consent with the smiles you see on your closest peoples’ faces. This is the essence of every woman as we are caring and loving by nature. Forget the feminists and get back to your sacred activity given by nature. I will reveal top secrets in my article on how to make the cooking process easier and more enjoyable.

Rule No 1 – Healthy Eating

You should keep this in mind and try to always eat healthy food and by saying healthy food we do not mean that the food is necessarily expensive. In case your family lives on a limited budget and you have to mind your expenses, you still can find a solution on what kind of meals to prepare for family members so that they eat with great pleasure. Of course you will not be able to consume organic, prepared meals for every day usage, you still can buy various separate ingredients and prepare healthy meals on your own and cut down on expenses. You should start to plan ahead, buy in bulk which is cheaper. This way you will start cooking meals for your big family and the food will not only be tasty and nutritious, but also cheap.

Avoid processed foods. Usually single-ingredient food like meat, fruits and vegetables are cheaper compared to processed foods and much cheaper than eating out.  Consume more fresh fruits and vegetables which is both cheaper and healthier. It is a proven fact that processed food is unhealthy.

In case of big families, it is always better to cook meals in larger portions and freeze the leftovers to be used later on. Instead of small amount of food prepare a large pot of soup, stew, pasta or whatever. Use any leftover vegetables or meat you may find from previous meals.

Use non-animal protein sources in the meal. Add beans, tofu, chickpeas, tempeh or soy to meals. These ingredients can replace protein as meat and they are cheaper.

Recycle old leftover food into new, healthy dishes. It is suggested by top clinics around the world to use leftover rice to make rice pudding let’s say or using leftover baked chicken in soup or salad. When you think you do not want to use leftover food immediately, do not throw it away and freeze instead to use later on.

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