Bulk Cooking

How to cook for a large group on budget

 Cooking for a large group of people every day is not an easy task especially when you have to cook several times a day and stay on budget as you cannot afford to eat black caviar every day. Of course this does not mean that the only thing you have to do is to cook rice and pasta every day in order to stay on budget and not spend much money on food every day. All you need here is just a little creativity added to your cooking process and some planning in advance. Plan the meals ahead, do you shopping accordingly and here we go. The tastiest dinner on budget is ready.

The first day can definitely be a pasta day with a unique sauce that makes the dinner so delicious. Everyone loves pasta so why not take advantage of this fact and make a yummy pasta for dinner for a large group of people. Every time when it becomes very hard to decide on the meal of the day you can cook pasta. Pasta itself is rather cheap and you can cook it in bulk and dress with any seasonal vegetable you have in the fridge. The ingredients can vary from seafood to mince or vegetables. You can make the one-pam pasta that has become so popular recently. You can make the five cheeses version of the pasta adding cheese there and getting the saucy creamy juicy pasta. Pasta is rather universal and you can not only serve it as a main dish but also as a salad by adding various ingredients there. Use your imagination and creativity.

Grain salads are also great if we do not make food for gluten intolerant people.

Grain salads are rather affordable and you feel filled. Make the basement and then add some vegetables and nuts and seasonings in your salad. Try making a dish with quinoa or millet if you need to cook dinner for guests who have intolerance to gluten.

Alternatively you can feed your group of starving guests with DIY Scuttlebutts. Arrange some bread, spreads, and fillings and let your guests do the work themselves by choosing the things they would like to eat. There is nobody who doesn’t like a sandwich so take this option as well.

Cook up several easy sides in advance to feed your hungry guests like potatoes and grilled vegetables that are always good choices. Take the time to keep your guests busy and satisfied with crudités, snacking bread, and dip. Help yourself as well to have enough energy to cook the main dish.

Also, wash the potatoes with a special brush, peel them and cut in longer pieces adding salt, black and red spicy pepper and other seasonings according to your taste. Heat up the oven and place the potatoes straight into the oven to be baked and serve with an appetizer and a sauce of the big variety of sauces available.

The key of cooking dinner for a large group and always staying on budget is to use more grains and plain food in the diet. Fresh vegetables and fruits are both healthy and cheap. No need to spend extra money on the things you do not need in your diet like fish and chips, various sweets and artificially flavored foods.

billy (Author)